1. Add the first static IP address, gateway, netmask and nameservers to Windows in the normal manner (set the TCP/IP properties for your network adapter)
  2. Copy the following shell command into notepad: FOR /L %A IN (1,1,254) DO netsh interface ipv4 add address "Local Area Connection" 192.168.1.%A
  3. Edit (1,1,254) if needed - replace '1' with the starting value of the last octet from the range; replace '254' with the ending value of the last octet from the range
  4. Edit 192.168.1.%A - replace '192.168.1' with the first three octets from the range
  5. Edit if needed - change the the correct netmask for the range
  6. Open a command prompt. Copy the edited command to the command line and press enter. Note any error messages
  7. When the command is done running, type ipconfig and press enter to verify that the IPs have been added.