Please refer to the following colocation cabinet data when planning your installation:

All cabinets are enclosed and locking, standard 19" wide data cabinets. The cabinets are 36" deep. Cabinets have 45U usable space, with #1 at the bottom and #45 at the top. Cabinets are outfitted with front and rear square-hole posts.

Typical server railkits will usually fit the cabinets with no adapters needed. If you do not have mounting hardware for your equipment, we have universal shelf rails on site for purchase: the cost is $50 per set, billed to your account by our billing department. Please contact us if you wish to purchase shelf rails.

Please keep 'pole pigs' and 'wall warts' (those power-converters-on-a-plug that come with equipment that lacks a built-in power supply) off of the PDU. They typically cover up at least one extra outlet and eat up cabinet depth clearance as well, as the PDU is mounted on the back door of the cabinet. Use a short commercial grade extension cord to connect the pig to the PDU, please.